Solutions Company Overview Testimonial

~ Leadership and organizational development for business, the non-profit community, and the public sector.

~ Choosing strategies for distinguishing your unique approach to doing business.

~ Management development programs based on the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).

My role can be defined as teacher, counselor, mentor, or advisor.

I enable you to clarify your thinking, map a course of action and achieve your personal and organizational goals.

My method of work is based on the fundamental principle of dialogue,
fostering a conversation that opens up
new ways of dealing with problems and moving forward.

"Christos is very skilled in communication. He is clear about my intentions and my goals. I feel a great sense of personal and professional satisfaction in honorably achieving the results we hoped for."

Sharon Marden Johnson, Legislative Chairperson
American Massage Therapy Association, Maine Chapter

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