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Christos J. Gianopoulos helps organizations by offering consultation designed to strengthen business practices and enrich organizational life. He works with leaders and managers to promote clarity of purpose and to increase their capacity to master challenging circumstances. His approach is to pay attention to the special needs of his clients and to offer custom designed programs that respond to the reality of the situation, as well as speak to the spirit of the enterprise. He uses the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) in his consulting assignments when it is appropriate.

Christos concentrates on the fundamentals of management, stressing the importance of working effectively with people inside and outside the company. He gives businesses and organizations an opportunity to develop greater insight, more discipline and internal strength to move closer to their chosen goals, without losing their way or compromising their integrity.

He emphasizes the importance of honest and open communication. His method of work is based upon the fundamental principle of dialogue, fostering a conversation that opens up new opportunities for problem solving. Christos knows his way may not be the shortest and the easiest route to success, but he believes that it is the surest and the most enduring. In this challenging process, Christos acts as a guide and an advisor to help you clear away the path to accomplish your goals and live up to your most important commitments.

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