Self Development Courses
Since 1995, Christos has led seminars and retreats in self-development to enable people to gain perspective on their circumstances and to develop personal strength consistent with their natural character traits. Christos uses the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) as a foundation piece for this work. He develops themes that allow people to explore aspects of themselves that may not have had opportunity to see or realize.

Christos Enables You to Claim Your Life. Christos works one-to-one with people on personal and professional issues. Christos, who is a Registered Counselor in the State of Maine, has helped many individuals to reach self-understanding and personal mastery. Knowing who you are and your purpose in life is not an easy task. Most people never arrive at a level of self-awareness, certain of their life's purpose. They struggle with many personal doubts and questions:

  • Why do certain problems persist in my life, regardless of where I work or my level of responsibility?
  • Why do I feel dissatisfaction no matter how much I accomplish or how much money I make?
  • Why do disappoint the people I care for, though I try to please them?
  • How can I express myself fully and be appreciated for who I am?

Self-knowledge gives you insight into the reality of your inner self-the creative center and energy source within you. Christos provides a powerful structure to know who you are, your talents, interests and life situation. He enables you to gain the strength to shape your future.

Christos approaches personal and professional development from a unique point of view: he does not assume that anything is wrong with you or your life. Christos guides you. He engages you in a deep conversation, enabling you to identify the essential aspects of your life and work:

  • Integrity
  • Relationships-Men and Women
  • Vision and Reality
  • Love and Work
  • Time and Money
  • Health, Vitality and Well-being

In this process, you will agree to work with Christos for a specified period of time. Appointments will be scheduled in advance. Each session will last an hour and will focus on an issue. Some sessions may be conducted by phone. You may be asked to do readings, listen to tapes or complete homework assignments.

Christos welcomes this work with you and recognizes that you are a person committed to a life of quality for yourself and to making a difference in the lives of others.

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