Testimonials and Past/Present Clients
"As a result of your consulting work with my company, I was able to clarify my thinking and strengthen my resolve to take appropriate actions to protect our integrity and maintain our strength. I know that we at H.E. Callahan are in a much better position to carry on effectively with our work."

Sam White, former President
H. E. Callahan Construction Company, Auburn , Maine

"Christos was a tremendous resource in helping me look at several difficult management issues and set a course of action. What impressed me most was his technique of guiding and leading me to my own conclusions rather than telling me how to do it. His experience and ability to look at our organization from the outside was a great help."

Ken Twaddel, Executive Director
Camden Area YMCA, Camden , Maine

"Christos is very skilled in communication, and he shows a lot of integrity in ensuring that he is clear about my intention and my goals. He has proven to me over time that he is dedicated to helping me do what is right. I feel a great sense of personal and professional satisfaction in having honorably achieved the results we were hoping for in working with the Maine Legislature."

Sharon Marden Johnson, Legislative Chairperson
American Massage Therapy Association, Me. Chapter , China , Maine

"We truly enjoyed and benefited from your involvement in our management retreat at Upper Dam. We now understand ourselves better as individuals and how we can work together better as a team. Thanks for your help and guidance."

Normand Rodrigue, President
Union Water Power Company, Augusta

"Another valuable benefit obtained from these meetings was the fact that the managers learned more about each other, and this has helped to create a more team oriented approach to the management style of the Company... Custom Stitchers feels that these management sessions were very beneficial in improving our management skills."

Jane Theberge
former owner of Custom Stitchers Inc.
Finance Authority of Maine’s Outstanding Business Leader, 1994

"Thanks for your excellent coaching, straightforward style and compassion included in our work together last year. I’ve enjoyed the insights you have helped me to realize and have been nourished by the encouragement you gave me. It’s all paving my road of success."

Peter G. Moore
President of Banking Dynamics, Inc.
Maine Chamber and Business Alliance’s Outstanding Businessman, 1997

"As partners in a business that serves a vital need in the market, we look for ways to extend our reach. We were pleased to involve you as a consultant in clarifying our thinking about the future. The questions you asked and the material you provided on planning helped us to identify a strategy and to strengthen our commitment to take the next steps."

Anne F. Craigs and Jeanne Shorey Paquette
Owners, The Employment Times

Among Christos’ many organizational clients in the For-Profit Sector are:

  • Aleaxander & Schmidt
  • Bath Savings Institution
  • BetaBake Products
  • H.E. Callahan Construction Co.
  • Center for Creative Imaging
  • Corporate Finance Associates
  • J. Dostie Jewelers
  • The Downeast Outdoor Group, Down East Enterprise, Inc.
  • The Dunlap Corporation
  • The Employment Times
  • Horizon Travel
  • Jagger Bros., Inc.
  • Jackson Brook Institute
  • Lewiston-Auburn Kidney Center
  • Maine Coalition of Counseling Agencies
  • Maine Oxy-Acetylene Supply Co.
  • Marceau Environmental Consultants
  • Marketplace Mortgage
  • Market Square Health Care Center
  • The Children’s House Montessori School
  • Moosehead Manufacturing Co.
  • Harry E. Nason Inc.
  • Quotient Marketing, Inc.
  • Rain Forest Aquaculture Products, Inc.
  • Rockport-Camden-Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce; Camden
  • Rockwater Capital Partners
  • Sam’s Italian Sandwich Shoppes
  • Taylor Brook Dental Associates
  • Union Water Power Co.

Among Christos’ many organizational clients in the Non-Profit and Public Sectors are:

  • Bates College
  • The American Massage Therapy Association
  • The Araxine Wilkins Sawyer Foundation
  • Camden YMCA
  • Catholic Charities Maine
  • Community Concepts, Inc.
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, State of Maine
  • Family Practice Residency Program, Central Maine Medical Center
  • Foundation for Permanent Agriculture
  • Friends of the Wilhelm Reich Museum
  • Hebron Academy
  • Industrial Development Corporation, Sanford-Springvale , ME
  • Maine Campus Compact
  • Maine Child Welfare Training Institute
  • Maine Council of Churches
  • Maine Department of Education
  • Maine Massage Therapy Association
  • Maine Music Society
  • Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
  • Maine School Administrative District 39, Buckfield, School Board and Administration
  • Maine State Housing Authority
  • National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
  • Public Works Department, City of Lewiston
  • Sanford Center of the University of Maine System
  • Town of Sanford , Police Department
  • University of Maine at Augusta
  • Waldo County Committee for Social Action
  • Western Maine Mountain Foundation
  • Work Force Development, Career Center
  • York County Head Start

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